Padukka #62

Padukka , Sri Lanka


Situated in Galagedara, Padukka, Holiday Bungalow is now open for your Private Gatherings, Functions & Parties, Get together’s, Company Outings & Getaways. The Villa consists of;
* 3 Rooms with attached Bathrooms
* Dining Room & Kitchen with Spices & Basic Amenities
* Driver’s Quarters
* A Swimming Pool & a humongous Garden which can easily hold 60+ people.
So why not pick this magical place in the misty mountains for your next getaway?

Rules and special rates

12 guests max  1 night min stay 
+ more - less
check-in: will be provided
check-out: will be provided

Cancellation Policy

No refunds if canceled within 30 days of stay.

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